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Exploring an active, creative and joyful life, whilst empowering others to do the same

Hi there! I'm Ally!

Welcome to my little pocket of the web!

I'm a qualified graphic designer, exercise scientist,

Pilates teacher and fitness instructor.


My website is like my online scrapbook. Here I share bits and pieces about all things creativity, movement and Pilates. My hope is that you will find as much inspiration and joy from my passions as I do.

I've always loved creating things. I spent my childhood drawing, collaging and experimenting with paints, pencils and paper.


When I finished high school I moved from country Victoria to Melbourne to complete a University Degree in Graphic Design.


My creativity is fuelled by things which inspire me - especially movement and the shapes made by the human body.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes & having fun."  - Mary Lou Cook 

Whilst completing my design studies I started teaching group fitness classes at a local gym. This was the beginning of my passion for movement, fitness and Pilates.

Fascinated by the human body and anatomy, I completed a University Degree in Exercise Science and many other short courses in fitness, movement and Pilates.


In 2020 my passions for creativity and movement fused together and Joyful Pilates was born - a bespoke Pilates studio inspired by colour and designed to spark joy in movement.

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